Forgot to add..  I have a B&W also with a G4 600MHz upgrade.  Very decent machine and with the upgrade would be a fine system for everyday computing.

I use mine as a bit torrent machine.  Mine has a radeon 7000 32mb BTW..  I also have quartz extreme enabled through a hack called PCI extreme.
Mac mini C2D 1.83GHz - 2GB RAM - 200GB 7200rpm HD
Sawtooth w/G4 1GHz - 1GB RAM - SIIG SATA w/2x1TB HD
B&W w/G4 600MHz - 1GB RAM - 2x80GB HD
Sawtooth G4 400MHz - 512MB RAM - 40GB HD
Dell Ultrasharp 2007WFP 20" Widescreen LCD
2.94TB Total Storage