Finally got my new imac yesterday and i love it. smile i havent had any issues with the super glossy screen and there are windows all over my house.
The keyboard is a big improvement in my opinion but i'm still getting used to the aluminiumlookof it. It's quite heavy for its size but gives it a robust feel, not cheapas some people have said.
i considered hacking up my G4 for the mod contest but a friend heard about my new computer and offered me $300 for it and well... i need the money!
2.4ghz 20" core2duo imac, 320gb hdd, 2gb ram
733 G4 digital audio 220gb hdd, 896mb ram, dual layer DVD burner
400 G3 powermac (black+white) 60gb hdd
800 G3 ibook (red)
40 gig ipod photo