edit: sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

my g3's hinge broke. i don't want to keep using it, in case i sever the cable to the lcd.
i don't particularly want to buy a new hinge for it, but i have no problem in taking the book apart and modding:)

if i remove the lcd, is there anything i have to keep in mind while using or storing the machine? is it relatively easy to extend the cables to the lcd, so that i can have the machine near my dvd player, and the lcd hanging on the wall above the tv? i'll have the rgb/av out going into the dvd player to easily view on the tv. but if i'm watching tv, i'll want to see the mac os on the lcd.

i was thinking of writing a media app like front row, that also accessed my local tv channel guides, youtube and other things i'd like to view on a tv..../cough emulation /cough. even just to check my torrents without getting off the couch smile

that's basically what i'm thinking, unless someone can persuade me it'd be put to better use in my car, or a server or dev help box, whatever. inspire me:)

thanks guys

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ibookg4 800 640
ibookg3 600 640
pmac 6200 75
recently recieved and haven't checked specs:
g4 tower(maybe the PCI one)
pbookg4(cracked screen, functional machine. run over by car)