I was helping a friend with a stereo install in his car and I left to go get my tools. As I went onto the main road back to my house I saw a QS sitting on the curb. I picked it up and put it in the back seat. I get home grab my tools then went back to finish the stereo project. When I got back home I cracked open the QS to see what I can use from it. The case was missing a side panel and a handle. Parts fell out as soon as it opened. I knew I heard stuff moving around inside when I picked it up and I thought they just tossed a few bits in that they didn't want. Well the whole system is a goner. The owner had taken a hammer to it. The HD was smashed up beyond heck and the memory had chips broken off. The DVD was smashed in and the motherboard looked like a blank PCB board. It had the CPU and it looked fine but I don't trust it. Also the power supply's wires were all cut up. The only thing that I was able to get out of it was the heatsink. I curbed the QS and the trash men just now picked it up.
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