I recently bought a G4 733mhz tower, I bought it simply to try macs and see if I like it to make a full time switch from windows. I'm trying to upgrade the machine for the lowest ammount possible. So far I have an additional HD I will be putting in and I've sourced 1.5GB of RAM for it which I think is the max for the machine. My big questions are what's the max I can overclock the CPU to and remain stable. I've found an article about removing one resistor and getting the CPU up to 800mhz, but that hardly seems worth the risk of breaking the CPU. I have looked at the CPU upgrade cards on OWC and while they are a great bang for the buck, I don't want to sink that kind of money into the machine at this point. I've looked on EBay but there aren't many used CPUs for sale. Are there any other places online where I should check for used upgrade CPUs? can I swap the CPU card in my machine with another faster Apple CPU card?

I'm mostly going to use the machine at home for surfing, pictures editing, photoshop, music. Do I need to upgrade the 32Mb video card it has for this sort of use? 

Will these types of applications run fine in OSX on this machine, or is it going to be too clunky?