I started to play airsoft a few years back. It's a fun sport, wish more people around here played. Anyway, I was looking around on google for airsoft gun mods. I found a automatic gun on a tripod that is remotely controlled. I had a extra battery power rifle that really sucks but works well in close quarters. Since I had no use for it I thought it would be neat to build one. Ofcorse I don't plan to control it with a computer but I have found a cheaper way. I bought a cheap-o R/C car that I was going to use as a gas powered R/C car but the motor was shot. So im going to use the guts from the R/C car. Use the left and right servo for the gun to turn left and right and use the motor circuit for forward and reverse to shoot the gun.

Oh, as for the clip I was planning to use a funnel so all of the rounds would go into the chamber with out any misfire or jams. I'm thinking it can hold about 1,000 rounds and be able to shoot 2,000 on a single battery charge.

This will be a portable turret that can mount on a tree or use a bipod. It will be perfect for CTF games.

I took apart the gun and made the barrel shorter and also wired it to a switch with the 9.6v R/C car battery. The gun was made to use 6 AA batteries so thats 9 volts right there. I fired it and it worked better then it ever has before. Tomorrow im going to start on the rest and next week i'll try it out at a game.

Also I need to find a way to mount my video camera on my gun or a helmet and tape a game or two.

After just thinking of it I can also add a two way radio to the turret so I can taunt people and hear them scream when they get hit lol.
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