Sorry to the "toiletseat" faithful but I just made a picture frame out of a clamshell iBook G3. It's a 1st gen w/ (300mhz no firewire). Because of cooling issues I made the case/box plenty big enough with convection holes for plenty of airflow. Installed a clean install of Panther and ran Software Update and all the usual procedures. The only 3rd party software I added was SpyMe since I intend to control the "frame" remotely. I kept most of the EMI shield in place on the motherboard and actually kept and cut the back of the machine to keep the mboard attached to the base in my frame. The iBook had no issues before the mod.

        My problem is this, seemingly every other boot sequence (randomly) the frame will start up I see the grey apple on the grey screen with the circle spinning thing (open firmware I think) and then just before it says Welcome to Mac. and turns the screen blue the screen goes black - obviously the boot sequence continues as I can log in via SpyMe and see the "hidden" desktop. The real wacky thing is that if I go to displays in sys prefs I can alter the brightness level of the LCD and see it change behind the black as it were. This issue is random enough that a couple of power cycles will sometimes restore the LCD to normal operation. I figure this has to be a software glitch since the initial boot screen is crystal clear. Only when OS X gets involved in the startup does the screen go dark.
        Any ideas? Thanks for any direction you can think of, I want to get this up on the wall. peace, -J.