The 360 uses a SATA connection and that weird yellow wire from the old xbox (1.0-1.6b). With the 360 instead of fighting a locked hard drive you're fighting a locked DVD drive. Can't really change out the DVD drive in the 360. Although there is Keron DVD drive for your PC that makes ripping games easier but the drive costs way too much. I have the correct discs. I also have a DVD DL drive that has a special hacked keron firmware. The xbox has the correct dashboard version and the drive is flashed with the xtreme stealth firmware. The problem im facing is the SS file and the ISO. The SS (Secure Sector) has to be at a special part of the disc. It's kinda like ripping a DVD movie. I use the special game ripper and use DVDinfo to get the SS.bin file. Then I use another program called SS Merger that merges the SS.bin file to the ISO and create like a que file that tells CloneCD where to make sure the SS goes.

I got it to work but im trying to get the patched kingkong exploit to work so I can run Linux that will soon add OSx support for the 360.

Oh and also for ripping the game you use the xbox 360's DVD drive. You hook it up to the PC then put in a special disc that unlocks the drive.
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