I have done some research and found you can run Linux on a xbox360. How is it done? Well some of you might remember the old softmod for the xbox using splintercell and a special savegave. In the game KingKong they found a backdoor / flaw in the game's coding. Some hackers made a patch for the game so you can run Linux. The only problem is the DVD drive. Well before they found this little Linux idea some one found a way to flash the DVD drive with a hacked firmware that skips the check for the special key in the XEX files. Meaning you can play backups.

Well the DVD drive in the 360 is a SATA device. To flash it you need a PC with a SATA controller or a add-in card (nonRAID). Also you need the trusty old floppy drive with every modders favorite OS, DOS!

Sadly this ran to a halt. I found there are two types of the DVD drive that are commonly used. MS25 and MS28. The MS25 can be easily modded. The MS28 has a antiflash option. I have the MS28. Theres hope though. A. open up the DVD drive and remove a resistor and add a switch in it place (the VCC mod). B. buy a SATA add-in card that uses a VIA chipset. For some reason the VIA chipsets are not affected by the antiflash protocol that is in the firmware's software. A friend of mine has a extra card for me to use. I'll have it next week. Also I have KingKong on order, on 5 bucks off ebay.
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