Please Help. I was trying to install a new Pioneer DVD Burner 112D into my G4 MDD in the bottom optical drive bay and everything seemed to go fine except the face of the drawer can't eject because it's a hair to high up on the top left and top right corners. The rounded opening apple leaves you is catching the top left and top right corners of the drawer and I can't seem to figure out a solution outside of chopping up the face of the drawer with a knife which I'd rather not do. What do I do? Also, when I booted up with the new drive it only recognized the new drive and not the old one anymore. I don't mind the new drive being the primary drive but don't know how to set the jumpers on the new and old drive so that the new drive is primary and old one is secondary. That is if I can even use the new drive and don't have to ship it back. Why can't apple just make things easy with stuff like this? Please help.