I recently got a 350mhz Sawtooth and i've decided to make it my HTMac. i have a mac mini, which is small clean and neat, but not very expandable in the ways i want. i would like to be able to use the sawtooth for high def video when the time comes. I'm just not sure which card to get. i would like to use agp if i can since the sawtooth has only three pci slots.

ati has three cards:

9800 AGP 2x-4x
9600 AGP 4x-8x
9200 PCI
as far as i know the 9600 can't work because the sawtooth only has 2x agp.

there are four cards i want to use in the pci slots but can only use three. USB2 + FW, Sata storage, gigabit ethernet, and m-audio sound card (not sure if compatible or not). one more pci slot would have been SO nice.

help please thank you very much  smile
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