I`m new... obviously!  Is it safe to assume that if I post my mod in the proper forum, and the admins like it, it will get posted in the MODS section of the site?  Or am I just so new that I don`t get it at all?

I just modded my 1.42 Mini into a killer briefcase AV workstation complete with monitor, and documented the whole process...
Dual 867: 2GB/1.2TB/6 HD/2 110Ds/ATI 9800, Pinnacle DC30, Rage128 pro/SCSI/G4port ### Modded 1.42 Gig Mini:re-Built inside briefcase/3.5" 350GB IDE/2GB/DL SuperDrive/BT/AirportEX ### Dual 2GHz G5:4GB/1TB/106D/9800XT/9200