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Cool. I'm not gonna discharge the CRT. I'll just power down and leave it unplugged for 24 hours. I also need to replace the HD but that's on the same part as the optical drive so it should be good. If the machine is unplugged for awhile shouldn't the charge dissipate?

Some circuits are set up to do that.... I think.  But I've got no idea whats going on inside the eMac.  The prob is that the consequences of being wrong are pretty severe.  I tried to discharge the CRT in my Mac Classic II with a discharge tool I borrowed from some friends and I'm sure I broke something in the process.  I was just gutting the case so it didn't really matter.  I like TCP's  prong clipping method.  I'd leave it unplugged for a couple days, and do the prong thing and avoid the sensitive areas ( and I'd wear a jock strap and cover my head in tinfoil too). SAFETY FIRST!
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