Thanks for the comments guys. Well for this puter I used a PowerBook G4 with 800Mgz and 500 gigs or ram. I picked it up on craigslist for $350. I just could not see myself tearing apart a brand new Mac Book Pro for my initial build. This particular laptop made this project a challenge to complete. Since all the ports are in the back and the LVDS cable being so short, it was hard to position the monitor where I wanted.
        Also finding where to tap into on the logic board to provide power for the LED on the power button was also a challenge. I found a few places that would be powered all the time even if the laptop was off. After searching for a while I found this spot that provided 5V only when the laptop was powered. So I was able to solder right to it:

Here is a shot of an early comp:

I want to build a whole line of "Evil" macs so I just recently came up with this new one:

This one is still on its very very early stages. I'm going to be chopping up a G4 Quicksilver for this one.
I'm having too much fun these days.