I got a old weed wacker and doing a little research on the motor and found some people use it as a RC plane motor. Well I don't know crap about planes but I got a nifty idea for a car. Since my garage is full of crap over the years I thought I would build one. I'm planning to go 1/8 scale. Use copper tubing for the frame and drive shaft. Rebar for the rear axle since the car will be RWD. Buy a cheapo RC Car for the main electronics and use a servo to control the throttle for the motor. I've worked on a lot of cars so I can build this easily. The motor is all set and has a transmission like setup. Give it gas and the springs expand and cause the shaft to move. Now for reverse i'll toss in a low torque motor on the front wheels or something.

I will even build a exhaust system for it and make it purr lol. I wonder if I can make this use some sort of a alternator to keep the battery charged. Since im off for two days and I have nothing else better to do i'll start on it. At lest get the frame done. The axle will take some time.
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