Hey everyone,
I am looking to modify my Mac Pro (not to be confused with MacBook Pro) and add some slickness.  I would sincerely appreciate any help or advice that you can provide.

My goal is to put 4 cold cathodes in the Mac Pro.  Two would go up and down on either side of the front, and the other two would go up and down on either side of the back.  The desired effect is for the blue to not be directly visible, but to filter through the holes in the Mac Pro case a little, and provide a somewhat eerie, cool blue light coming out of every hole....I hope this is understandable.

I do not know how/where to power these cathodes from.  Does the power supply have any extra cords?

I only use 1 hard drive out of 4, so perhaps I can somehow use the leftovers for the cathodes?  Still, that only gives me 3 extra plugs, and I want 4 cathodes.

Another thought I had was to get some sort of splitter...so I could plug in to one of the leftover hard drive bays, and bring the plugs more out to the open to make it much easier to work with.  Is this feasible?

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc for me?