I was driving around a couple days ago and noticed that there were quite a few signs for garage sales.  I stopped by at one and picked up an aviator headset.  Those things are typically very expensive, though for $5 I couldn't say no.  As I was walking away I noticed that there was a PowerBook box.  I took a look and it was mint.  No scratches, vanity cover still had the vinyl cover over it, and everything was included.  The owner took me inside, I plugged it in, and started without a problem. 

I told him it was worth $20 to me.  He accepted.  I would have gone lower but I figured I should pay a little more since the headset was cheap.

Now comes the hard part.

I have formatted it, runs properly still, have all the CD's and floppies that came w/ it so I can start from scratch.  Linux is what I really want to run. 

If anyone has experience installing Linux on a NuBus PPC I could use some advise. 

If anyone has suggestions for a mod, that isn't a picture frame, let me know.  I'm open for ideas and may incorporate them into the machine. 
MacBook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 2GB DDR2 RAM & 120GB SATA 5400RPM HDD
Canon Rebel XTI
Google Cr-48 Beta Laptop