You're doing exactly what I've been pondering for a long while. A first gen MacBook is something around 700 bucks (for bare minimum) which is relatively cheap considering the re-sell value of Apple laptops that age. I wanted to buy one and dye it, backlight the keys (single SMT LED per key would work. I'd just need a MacBookAir keyset I'd imagine, but I digress..) max the RAM and HD, and wa-lah! Ultimate MacBook.
I ordered 15 boxes of RIT Black and 10 boxes of RIT Red from eBay, plus a shiny (2 year old) MacBook White (2.0Ghz Gen 1.5), 3GB DDR2 and a 200GB 7200RPM SATA drive today! If I end up dying it before you do, I'll post the pictures. laugh