so, i joined just because of this post... well besides that, when i was a kid we used to take white peices of plastic and (sounds funny) put hot glue in random designs all over, and then hang them in a tub of a choice of RIT dye... when you take them out and rinse them the original white plastic would change colours, but after peeling off the hot glue, those spots would stay white... where am i going with this? well if your macbook is already apart and you want to do something trick, then take your hot glue and "mask" the underside of all the buttons, and dip them... im not sure if it would work, but i think the lighting would still shine through... now im not sure what you could do about the mousepad, except getting a black macbooks mousepad... i guess im done now... if you have any questions... i may still have a few peices laying around i could take a picture of... just e-mail me.