OK, I am stuck here. I have painted my bottom case and display bezel. My rear housing is coming in tomorrow and will be started swiftly. I have also done my top case, but I removed the keys beforehand and I just can't decide what to do with them.
These are the options I have worked out so far:
Leave them as they are in white with grey text;
Swap them out for a set from a blackbook;
Paint them green too, then use stencils, transfers or stickers to put the text on in my choice of colour (I was thinking silver);
Paint them with a tinted varnish or similar leaving the grey text but changing the key colour slightly;
I do not trust myself to do the text by hand, I want it to look good when its done and the case parts I have painted look fantastic so far. Very professional for a first go.
I suspect I will struggle to find good quality stencils of the correct size and acceptable font. I would also struggle to do the specialist keys like shift, tab, apple etc, though I guess I don't have to use the Apple symbols for them.
Any advice, opinions or suggestions welcome.