I signed up just for you!

I started my mod today, I took a small step and started work on the screen bezel.

Here is how i'm doing it:

1. rub down with 800 grade wet and dry (wet)
2. Using plastic primer apply two coats.
3. Apply a few layers of paint. (if you get imperfections in the colour coat you can sand down with 100 or 1500 fine grade wet and dry (wet). then respray.
    I cure the paint with a hair dryer to speed up the process as its cold in England at the moment (its nearly june and  it wet and nasty)
4. sand down the colour coat lightly with 1500 grade wet and dry (wet) so that it has a matt finish.
5. Apply sever layers of clear coating.

I am using automotive paint as they are harder wearing.

I'm going to start a log for this some time with pictures showing my progress and how im doing it. This is the first time i've done something like this so i'm unsure as to how it will turn out.