hi there guys, i have just bought a  http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.200-2980.aspx  and i am having huge problems getting it working basically!  i have rang the technical helpline, they will ring me back on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i thought someone on here may be able to help me before then?

anyway, the problem;

i connected it to the mac, nothing happened but disk utility came up (which incidently i cannot find now???) and i could see the hard drive, but couldnt do anything atall to it!

so after a few attempts i got bored and connected it to the pc, i was given the option to format it, which i did and gave it a name etc,  i then connected it to the mac, then i could see it on the desktop and see the files on it, great, it works!!! no!

i cannot writ to it atall off the mac which is useless as thats all i bought it for, i want it to have nothing to do with the pc atall, but ive spoiled that already!!!!  any ideas? can anyone help me get this working on my mac at all?  cheers!

by the way ive only just been able join this forum as it would never let me for some reason???? anyway im a lurker and have been watching for some time!!!  great site!  ;-)  inspired me to do a bit of work to my g4 agp, just ordered a sonnet 1.4ghz upgrade, a blue led fan and more ram aswell as a new case that i need to know howq to strip paint of, so if anyone has any ideas, im open to them! cheers!!!!  philip, manchester u.k.