A small piece of paper (perhaps 1cmx2cm?) slipped into my macbookpro's slot-loading superdrive today which it was in it's carrying case (I know because i saw a corner sticking out of the drive, and it fell in when i tried to retrieve it).

Anyways, the drive will no longer accept discs...at first it pulled them in, made a noise, and spat them out. I blew into the drive (hoping to blow the piece of paper to some place where it would be out of the way?), and then the drive would accept the disc and hold it, but not read it just make a loud abnormal buzzing noise every now and then...i tried once again, and now it pulls in the disc until about 2mm is still sticking out, waits, and spits it back out. Nothing I do seems to change this.

Is there any way to fix this drive?  frown
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