Hey Everyone,

I'm not a software programmer, though I can come up with ideas.  Unfortunately I don't know where to contact someone about this.  If you can make the idea a reality, or know someone who can, that would be great.

Basically since Apple laptops anymore come with built-in iSights, and they can be used during the login process, why not have them act as a secure login device?  You could use facial recognition by itself or with a password.  Another idea is to have a random photo or special bar code that can be used which can be kept in your wallet.  To log in, you will need to use your password as well as the photo.  This would obviously slow down login time, though people couldn't exactly remote login without knowing or having that picture. 

If this exists and I'm ignorant, call me on it.  I'd download the software in a heartbeat.  If not, something like this should be made and for the cheap (or free) crowd.
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