crap.  I've run into a dilemma.  My power button board arrived but it doesn't have the fuse on the back of it!!  The plastic holder for it is missing as well.  mad 

I used my other Sawtooth's power button board and the B&W G4 booted up but the start up chime stuttered and it still does it everytime I turn it on.  ?:-( 

So a few questions come to mind.  Can I just bypass the fuse and just solder a straight wire or should I just get my money back? 

What's up with the stuttering chime?  Does it need more power?  The PSU puts out 200 Watts max.  While the Sawtooth puts out 208 max.  Does it really need that 8 extra watts?  It runs fine after the boot, I'm just concerened, it sounds like it's sick.