As we all know everyone is happy that they can run XP on a intel based mac now. Well I have a few tweaks to share from the PC world on speeding up XP.

Theres a program called TuneXP. I think the current version is 1.5 and it can be downloaded from This program has most of the registry tweaks built in so you don't have to worry about messing with the system registry manually. It also has two neat features for XP's MBR. It defrags the boot files to be first line on the hard drive so XP will boot/load faster. Loads up my PC in 5.6seconds from the time you see the XP logo to the desktop.

We all hate the default Defrag program that MS made for XP. Theres a great alternative defrag program called DiskKeeper.  This program does a deep defrag and places system files first before 3rd party programs. I ran it on my system just now and it has made the system with a 1% defragment while windows defrag left me with a 30% defragment.

I found a neat way to free up memory aswell. This is a simple registry tweak. This tweak unloads all DLL files from memory. XP usually loads anywhere from 25 to 50 DLL files you don't even need or use. I think they're used for when XP loads up and thats it. If the system needs any of these DLLs it can reload the ones it needs. Heres the code.

Add the DWORD value named: AlwaysUnloadDLL and set it to 1
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