I'm in the process of converting my Sawtooth G4 to an ATX case, and I'm trying to bring along the airport card and it's antenna. The problem is, I don't know where the antenna ends. Specifically, the wire goes from the card connector to a metal cube at the top of the case, and then there is another wire connecting this to a second metal cube. I'm not sure what these cubes have to do with the antenna, but it seems that the antenna is soldered to them, so I imagine they are somewhat important. I remember hearing that the entire case acted to amplify the wireless signal, so maybe that's what these cubes do? Connect the antenna to the metal of the chassis? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Here's what this all looks like:

(The metal "cubes" are at the top left and right, connected by the draping wire. The antenna wire continues down the right side of the picture to the airport card connecter.)

So do I snap both of those little blocks off of the case, or cut the wire, or cut the top corner out of the case and bring everything?