Im looking for a 15" TFT display which I'm going to attempt to fit inside a Rev A (original) iMac G3 casing. Preferably NOT a mobile display such as those in powerbooks etc. I figured that a cheap 15" LCD similar to those found in PC World or similar, will be more 'standardised' in thier panel construction, dimensions etc...

Im hoping to get my sticky mitts on a broken one (or a couple ideally) so that I can measure up the display dimensions (physical size of the panel when removed from casing plus any neccesary parts etc). Hopefully most 15" displays are roughly if not identical in size.

The point of all this measuring...?

To make a custom mounting so that a flat TFT screen will fit nicely into the slightly-curved screen housing on the old CRT iMac case.

Hopefully... when I can afford a nice screen I can just swap it out into my nicely fitted mount.

Just one more question. Are there any 15" displays that will run higher than 1024 x 768 resolution? Widescreens are sadly not an option... frown

Not sure if that all makes sense, anyway... offers, suggestions, comments are greatly appreciated.

This is my first post too btw, so hello and... well, what a nice site you have here!

Thanks all smile