No, but I've been hacking at a PS1. I've got an old arcade cabinet that I've modded to be a MAME cabinet. The joysticks and buttons are recognized as keyboard presses so you can play any game that you can find an emulator for. I realized that some games would play better with a controller rather than the arcade joysticks so my next step is to hack up some PS1 controllers to interface with it.

Radio Shack sells a USB adapter that will let you plug in a PS1 controller to a computer and use it like a computer joystick, but that by itself wouldn't be cool enough, so i've taken apart a PS1 and used a dremel to cut out just the part were the controllers go in. I'm going to cut a hole in the arcade cabinet and mount the part from the PS1 there, and then wire the backside of it up to the USB adapter and then run that into the computer. That way when it's all done you will be able to just plug a PS1 controller right into the front of the arcade cab.