This is my PowerMac G4 Digital Audio.  533MHZ G4, 896MB RAM, GeForce 2, 40GB and 80GB, MadDog Dual Layer DVD Burner, OSX 10.4.9.  She still flies, but I'm about to order a 1.6GHZ upgrade from PowerLogix Monday.  For now, its just...  white.  I will probably end up clearing out the sides and painting the backside black.  Then paint the rest black, and just have a blacked out machine.  That laptop over there is my iBook G3.  500MHZ, 256MB, 10GB, DVD, 10.3.9.  Nothing special, just a machine I use for school. 

PowerMac G4 Digital Audio-533MHZ-896MB RAM-40GB-80GB-DVD Dual Layer RW-GeForce2-10.4.9-Painted White
iBook G3-500MHZ-256MB RAM-DVD Rom-10GB-10.3.9