Most of my family live out in Nevada and some of them live out in BFE where there isn't any power let alone water. My aunt uses batterys in he trailer to power her TV, computer and microwave. Everything else is propane and uses a cell phone. I think for light she uses a generator. She has a few solar panels to keep the batterys charged but if there isn't light she has extra batterys and a battery charger to connect to the generator. Best of all the generator uses propane.

Theres so many ways to get free electricity. I remember a guide I found back in the day when I use to be a phone freakier. The guide showed a nifty way to make a inverter to make 5 volts from a phone line to 12 volts then used another power inverter to make 112AC. Of corse this was when 12 volt to 112AC inverters were very costly. If you knew alot about cars engines you could convert a old 3 cylinder engine to use propane or ethenol and use it as a generator.

Kinda funny really when you get down to it. AC is obsolete. Everything needs 3, 5, 6, 9 or 12 volts DC. Only a few things need AC current like the Dryer and washer , Fridge, vacuum and A/C.
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