Hey War, there's also a controler needed in the setup, it pretty much helps to control the output of current (peaks, etc.) and converts the energy genereted by the turbine into energy usable for your equipment, it also can charge batteries depending on the model.

anyway, using an electric motor probably will be very innefficient, and the output generated won't justify the costs.

Also, lift is generated at the leading edge of foils, such as fanblades, the longer and narrower a properly designed foil is the  most force it will generate for a given amount of surface area and the less drag.  that's why dedicated wind generators have long narrow blades, thus a fan will have a dificult time rotating a motor of suitable size.

check out

for windgenerators used on boats and click on the link at the end of the page to see some models and their spec

Not trying to disincourage you, just my 2 cents so you can tackle this idea head on,  good luck!