I am wondering how you guys got into modding and how someone new to these waters could get into modding? I have been using macs since i was round about 6 or 7 (now being 16), the first mac being a Power Performa 8600. I remember the day my dad bought it  smile. I now had a 700MHz eMac and he has a mac mini with the apple cinema display. However i do have an old old powerbook 1400 lieing about.
I would like to get a cheap ibook, maybe get a faulty one and go from there?

Any advice and input would be very much appreciated.  smile

eMac - 700MHz, 40g, 1gb
Mac Mini - 1.42GHz, 80g (250G ext),1gb
20 " Apple Cinema Display
30G ipod photo
ipod touch - 16 Gig