Well I upgraded my gaming PC and went ahead and upgraded to Vista. I ran Vista RC1 on it before and it was alright. Well with the final release I ran into problems after problems.

The video was all garabled and had to install the drivers blindly.

Took me 3 hours to get the sound to work. Ended up using some RealTek drivers instead of the nVidia drivers.

I have to disconnect the keyboard and plug it back in when I reboot. (Not a hardware issue)

Gave me a base sorce of 2.0 but when I had RC1 it gave me a 3.5
My RAID setup runs super slow then it did in RC1
RC1 had my RAID card drivers but the final doesn't, resulting me to install a floppy drive.
IE keeps crashing when I try to use Google for some odd reason.
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