It would make sense for Apple to make OSx for IBM compatible systems. I doubt they will do it anytime soon. Right now they are trying to get more people to buy their hardware since they lost so much revenue from the iTunes store. What would help them out a lot is like a Demo of OSx that can run on any system so the user can try it out before buying a mac. This way a lot of people can try it and see for them selfs if they want to dish out a 1,000 or more for a system.
I've met a few people that are diehard window users and they would bash OSx in a heart beat but ofcorse they have only seen screen shots of the OS and not really tried it.

When you think about it Apple will lose more money for porting OSx to run only any type of PC besides their own. All it will do is add another OS to the long list of alternative OSes to choose from. After all OSx is just another type of Unix and theres hundreds if not thousands of flavors of Unix, Linux and BSD. In all just end users like us would use OSx and maybe a few companys.

is the EFI BIOS a Apple only software or will PC makers finally switch over to EFI instead of the AMI or AWARD BIOS? I just find it a bit funny how Apple likes to point and dig at the BIOS thing since after all you can do more with a PC BIOS then with Apple's EFI. Also the BIOS setup used in most systems today are way better then what we had in the 80s and 90s.
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