I like the idea of the touch screen. Just so you know when you plug up your touch screen for the first time and doesn't work just install TouchKit and reboot the system.

I had my B&W as a media center until I found a PC that had more power and gave my B&W to my finance since she has grown tired of windows and hates Linux.

My setup was weird since I couldn't find a TV card for the mac. I used a DVD recorder to record my shows/movies then riped the DVD to the mac then edit the comericals out. I used my iBook with VNC to control the B&W since the B&W was in the computer room and the big screen was in the living room.

In all it worked alright but it could of been better. As I said before I have a PC that I tossed in WinTV and have my big screen connected to the PC in the living room. It only has a 160GB drive but it does the job.
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