I have a completely working Pismo 2 batteries and the DVD rom drive with a 12 GB drive, at least 384mb of ram a power supply and ariport right now the screen is not attached I recently got a new hinge for it. I can put any version of the OS you would like on it I would recommend 10.4 it seemed to have run the best out of the rest. It is in great cosmetic shape except the front part of the screen bezel has a crack on the bottom left corner, if u want I can supply the bezel from a Lumbard. and if requested I'll put it back together. I have two of these so I fell its time to get rid of one. PM or post an offer.
MDD Dual 1.42 Ghz, Flashed FireGL X3 to X800, Sonnet Tempo SATA with Raid 0, M-Audio 7.1
MDD dual 1.42 Ghz still stock