Fresh from snail mail:

Thermaltake 120mm smart case fan II
Sharkoon Silent Eagle
Evercool Fan Speed Controller

Thanks to maestro for recommending the Sharkoon and Very good site to do business with, it only took a few days for the stuff to come in.

I installed the fan using the manual speed setting. It is EXTREMEMLY loud at full speed, right now i have it just below half. Anywhere below half and I can't really hear it at all.

Just for fun though, I would like to try the temperature option. It says it will detect from 20 degrees celsius to 55 degrees celsius. Also, for a K7 cooler, the sensor is supposed to be underneath the processor, and for a P4 or K8 cooler, they suggest taping it to the underside of the heatsink. Do you suppose the speed I have it at right now is ok? Would it be worthwhile to try the sensor, and if so, where should I put it?

Sorry for the crap pictures, right now all I have is a crap phone (it runs... *shudder*... Windoze....) with a crap camera. Hopefully I can sit down and mess with the Sharkoon on Saturday.

EDIT: Also, sorry to make you guys look at that horrible contact wallpaper. The $@#% that lived in this dorm before me decided to cover half of the room with that crap. I get dizzy sometimes.

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