Ok so i have this thinkpad T23 i bought and i've decided to turn into a slab, sort of like tablet but without tablet functionality. my design is to have it all screen except for the left side where i will have a left click and the thinkpad red mouse thing. In the process i accidentally wrecked the keyboard so i need to get a FRU 02K8668 so i can power it on. does anyone know if theres an alternative way to power the thinkpad on? Also, i need to move the red mouse thing the left, but it's connected by a ribbon cable. will it be REALLY hard to solder wires from the board to the ribbon cable? has anyone done something like this on here? this is how far i am:


This is an overview of what everything is, just in case you were wondering.


Thanks to anyone who helps me out, or even anyone whos posts, heck if anyone even has an opinion!  smile