So my Xserve is all but ready to go online, but the blowers don't spin. There are two blowers with 4 pin connectors. The 12V power feed is good, but I get nothing from the other two cables. The OS can tell they aren't spinning (not sure how) and indeed they aren't. My hardware test reports the same but also that there are no errors in the fansystem which I assume is the part of the drive interconnect board which controls the blowers. Whatever the cause, its not looking hopeful that I can fix the issue properly without replacing the drive interconnect board, which is quite expensive since its the bit the drive modules plug into. Even more annoyingly, I have another one but it was removed from its original owners machine because one of the blowers had stopped spining.

I wonder if I could replace it with a PCI fan controller. Preferably one which adjusts speed automatically based on a temp sensor or two. Does anyone know of such a kit?