It amazes me that no-one has gone further safe sleep. New Intel Macs use this feature, and as an engineer, we sometimes leave machines asleep on a shelf, waiting for a part to come in. If the part takes a while, the battery can die. Its still a slight shock when you swap a logic board in a MacBook and it (almost) just wakes up afterwards.

For those who don't know, this is done by writing the contents of RAM to a file on the drive. Now, if the machine were to also write such a file when it finished booting up or logging in, you could do a restart in almost a split second, as long as you hadn't installed anything. I can't imagine Apple would struggle to implement a sytem which would record any reboot-requiring installs, and choose between a quick reboot or a full reboot (after which, a new quick-reboot file would be written) as appropriate.

I literally just thought this up. Its a cracking idea. So Apple, if you read this and use it, please be nice and send me a Mac/MacBook Pro. I'll be happy with that. Maybe an Apple TV if you have one spare. How about an iPhone?