Hey wisdom_105 give us some feedback on how the MDD G4 does on video editing. I have just installed Final Cut Pro HD on my MDD g4 and I have not had a chance to really get into it yet. The only video work I have ever tried is compressing large video files down so they could be burned on a standard 4.7 gig dvd and I did that on a PC and it took forever.
MDD G4 Dual 1.42 1gig 250gig Geforce FX5200 256m
Sawtooth G4 Dual 450 768m 80gig ATI 7000 Radeon 64m
Sawtooth G4 500 256m 40gig ATI 128 16m
Yikes G4 400 256m 20gig ATI 7000 Radeon 32m
B&W G3 400 128m 10gig ATI 128 16m
AMD 64 3000+ 512m 250gig Geforce3 64m
AMD 2200+ 512m 80gig sis 315 64m