I finished the mod up about two weeks ago.  I dont really have time for another guide...maybe down the road.  Here is the run down.

Schythe Fan/temp controller LCD covered in carbon
Replaced front fan with 120mm with Sharkoon w/isolators
Added side fan exhaust (Sharkoon again) with internal ducting to cool pci bay
More sound control padding
Silverstone psu quiet duct
Updated memory to 2GB
New custom case badge
Custom decal and lettering on side of case
Slim usb hub w/carbon

Now the case is below noise floor (sound in room) from a distance of one meter.  Temps went up a tad to 45 C running a few apps and one set of Folding@home with a room temp of 72 F.  Sorry for the temp read switch but I only read C and my room temp monitor is in F.

Is it done now?  Dunno.  I am sure there will be something else to do. smile
Check out some pics

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