For a while now, my 20GB 3G iPod has been broken, for the most part.  It will start up, but won't play any music.  It seems to be a hard drive problem (what else would it be?) and it is worth noting that it has seen many falls and has at least one "scar" to prove it.  It seems, however, that the problem was brought on by using SendStation's FireWire PocketDock in combination with Apple's original 1G iPod FireWire cable to charge the iPod.  I believe this was confirmed when a fellow 3G iPod owner reported similar initial symptoms after he used my charger and cable (w/adapter).  I first believed that it was the charger, but was able (I think) to trace it down to the cable.  Is a problem like this reversible?  Can the HD be repaired?  Or will it need to be replaced?

If it does indeed need replacing, I'm thinking that I might want to replace the innards with those from a 4G color iPod.  It would be really cool to have the 3G touch interface with the 4G color OS and capabilities.  Could the control electronics be adapted to work with the 3G faceplate?
Cheers! :-)
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