I know I keep posting about my sawtooth systems that i'm merging into one case but I have finally got the perfect setup. I got two ATX cases with out the power supplys. All I have to do is cut them up with my aircompresser. Cut a opening on the top of one and cut out the bottom of the other then use pop rivets to hold them together. Use the spare metal from the holes and make a delete plate for the power supply on the top case then add wheels on the bottom case. With the power supply in the middle the case would not be top heavy and tip over. Have each sawtooth logicboard on each level and have the hard drives on the bottom of the case (to make it not topheavy).

In another thread I asked if anyone had some PS1 LCDs they wanted to sell so I could install them on each sawtooth. this way I can save desk space.

Also I was planing to finally water cool it with a cheap o  evercool cooling system that I've used in many systems before. Just have to cool the CPUs and not worry about the video cards and also add a extra water tank from a 2 to 3 inch pvc pipe setup in a inline style. The water cooling will be last since the cooler costs 100 bucks and I don't want to put too much money into this mod.

Tomorrow I will start on the case and on sunday if I have time i'll start installing the hardware.

I have tested the one powersupply with two logicboards for a few months now and they work great. Just to have to run both systems at once or I have to reset the PRAM on the second system. I will take plenty on pictures of this mod since now I have a camera that will work well in low light.
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