Hi everyone - thanks v.v.v.v.v.much for the links and advice etc. It's guna be hard but worth it in the end. I'll have a read thru the links when I get bk from work. I've seen some other G4 cases running windows componenets but this is my fav case so worth giving it a try. I will need help along the way so i apologise now for anymore silly questions i might ask...

I think i'm better off starting a new system from scratch. Ideally to run what this windows one does im using now. usual internet rubbish like browsing and msn along with PC games I play online and maybe expandable to run Vista in the near future. Doesnt have to be highest spec. But sumthing decent. It's awhile since I built this system and it still runs ok but starting to show its age.

Windows XP
Gigabyte motherboard
AMD 3200
128mb Geforce GFX card
160Gbx2 HDD
Broken DVD drive
V.noisey CPU fan (thermaltake heatsink)