Hi everyone - im new on here and i'm after sum help - just got my hands on a Powermac G4 Mirror Door case and want to use it for a windows based system. I already have a couple of macintel mini's and boot camp etc but I want to get rid of my crappy PC tower and either build a new windows based system into the G4 case or transfer what I can over from the old case.

I paid 30 for this little beauty on ebay. No internals tho. It seems alot more difficult than the other G4 cases because the PCI slots are all swapped round so I think I may need a Mini ITX board.  Any info wud be great, links to ppl who have done it with THIS version of the G4 case as all i can find is the older (easier) cases.

Unless someone wants a challenge - i'll pay you!! lol