[censored] joined forces about 4 years ago to produce lcd panels, and supply most of the sony panels. their home page is http://www.tmdisplay.com. the panel i received is missing part of the model sticker, and i am still waiting for an email back from TM to try and clarify the specific panel i used. what i have so far is LTD133E OR B, and then a torn edge. a second sticker near the bottom of the panel has NRL75-DEXKA11A K6B06T7 0118. neither seem to bring up results in google at the moment. TM's current product lineup doesn't have any matte finish 13.3" panels listed, so that is no help. also sent an email to my supplier looking for additional info on model, or what model of sony laptop this panel was intended for. so, sorry on slim details right now. i will update this when i receive more information.

i can tell you this panel was an exact replacement, cables, screws, etc, and no modification was necessary to install the panel. i would also point out that i repair 2-10 laptops per week, can take powerbooks/ibooks apart from memory, and found this macbook to be one of the trickiest laptops to take apart i have ever encountered. you must take the screen completely off the laptop even though there are guides showing only the lcd panel/covers being removed. trust me, you have been warned. 

tried to take pictures that showed the difference in the panels. first shot was side by side with a reflection. 2-4 were taken with the ceiling fan/light on to show the difference in the screen finish. not a good camera, but you get the point.

took a couple more with the macbook back together. 

everything works the same. calibration, brightness control, photo booth flash, etc. seems very bright when side by side with a customers whitebook. overall, very happy with the results. the matte finish seems to match the finish of the blackbook better than the glossy. again, more details when i get them. peace out.