Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, I've been reading it for a few months and have decided to join. I am going to begin work on a new mod projcet- A g3 beige media center.

I want to put a g3 logic board into an old stereo/VCR case, and have it be a nice quiet media center for music in the living room.

The specs of the machine will be:

g3 300mhz (just about right for playing music0
512mb PC 100 memory
2x 80 gb hard drives
Front USB ports
Itunes 4 or greater

I plan to scrap the CD rom/floppy drives, in favor of USB removable storage.
The system is going to hold my music collection of around 1000 songs. I want to make the media center small enough so it will fit in a 2 u rack space....,so I have a few questions....

1. Can I use a generic 1U ATX power supply? I don't plan to draw too much power from the system, just enough to power the logic board and 2x 80 gb hard drives.

2. I also want to make the media center a print server... Is there a good printer utility I can use to manage a USB printer over the network?

3. Whats the best way to cut plastic? with a jig saw?

thanks for the advice, I appreciate it, and hope to post here often!  smile