ah well.  I bought a fifty pack of blue 3.3v LEDs that come with 100 Ohm resistors.  Setup won't be as pretty as a 5v would be, but ten bucks for a fifty pack, I'll take it!  lol.  Now I'm picturing how I'm going to do this.  I want to put a couple of LEDs in each side of each plastic stand of my Sawtooth.  I'll probably start with the bottom stands to see how they look. 

Now this means 4 LEDs per stand, with of course a total of 8 LEDs (and resistors) need hooking up.  I was thinking of making a small PCB for the resistors, but that's too complicated for me.  So I'll just place each resistor on it's wire to it's own LED.  Is there anyway I can make the wiring for the LEDs look decent?  For the positive wires I was thinking of hooking up all 8 wires to the 5v slot in a male Molex connector and then of course hooking all the negative wires to the ground slot of the Molex connector.  Is this how the other modders do this?  Or is there a more efficient way (besides a 5v LED :-)  )?